Swiss Lips-Danz

Swiss Lips are a five-piece dance-electro-pop band from Manchester.
The band describe their sound as heavily influenced by the Manchester music scene. "Finding the middle ground between guitar music and dance music has been something Manchester has always been good at, and we hope to carry on that tradition. They draw inspiration from a wide ranging array of artists:"...we take influences from all kinds of music. At the moment we are listening to Prince, Sebastian, Def Leppard, The Weeknd, the Beach Boys, Joe Goddard.”
Αυτά γράφουν στο Wikipedia. Συμπληρώνω απλά ότι το "Danz" είναι ένα από τα indie dancefloor anthems του 2013 και συνοδεύεται από ένα weird εως spooky videoclip.

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